The French International School’s (FIS) large scale charity fashion show, COUTURE, will take place on the 24 March 2018.

The evening is in support of Redress, the Hong Kong NGO advocating for sustainable fashion through original means such as their Eco-chic awards.

The COUTURE team makes it a priority to include other international schools and celebrated brands as well as many talented student designers and performers to create an entertaining, all-inclusive show supporting sustainable development in the fashion industry.

FIS is supporting Redress and will  continue to increase awareness about sustainable development in Hong Kong.

COUTURE is a long-term project including a team of almost 20 students from both the French and International streams. The idea was conceived by Isabelle Bezançon, Head of the Art Department at FIS, who is adamant that a professional fashion will give students the opportunity to expand their horizon and allow for additional support of sustainable development, so important for an eco-school.

In addition to the FIS student and staff team, plans for the show include international schools and large influential luxury brands looking to support increased awareness of sustainable development. From model castings to brand meetings, the team is encountering all walks of life when planning COUTURE and students are able to grow their skills in different aspects of event management.

The hard work of all involved results in a fabulous evening to be, enjoyed by all in attendance.


What is COUTURE?

The French International School of Hong Kong is proud to present an unforgettable fashion show named “COUTURE”. Reflecting the theme of “Roaring Twenties”the event will showcase 30 unique recycled art inspired garments, influenced collections made by our talented student designers, the latest fashion by notable French brands and spectacular performances. It combines fashion, music and entertainment under one roof, all for a charitable cause. It will surely be a night that you wouldn’t want to miss!

After previous unparalleled success of the past runway and award competition held by the French International School, we have decided to take advantage of the young fashion forward individuals and talents of Hong Kong. The art department, directed by Isabelle Bezançon, has an extensive history of creating wearable couture from recycled materials to advocate environmentally friendly fashion. Our young artists have always surpassed themselves by creating standout garments that exude style. This year, we will open again the FIS Runway competition to other skilful students within our fashion community. “COUTURE” is a sophisticated event incorporating all types of talented fashion forward individuals in Hong Kong. A world-class production of talented young designers, high fashion brands and exquisite performers is just a preview of this elite event.

Participants will be judged by a panel of individuals immersed in the fashion industry, selecting 6 candidates to receive awards such as :”Best Fashion Designer 2018”, “Best Look”, and “Best Promising Designer”.

Our mission is to create new modern designs inspired by the Flapper Look, The Great Gatsby style, or Art Deco fashion incorporating the theme Roaring 20’s. We are proud to continue promoting sustainable fashion in COUTURE by donating money raised to Redress and using our idea of recycled fashion.

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is our runway.” – Coco Chanel

Do you want to be a designer for Couture? Go to the Designer rules to find out more about how to apply

Couture also participates and helps the local community, having helped during the Miele x Redress effort during November 2017.